Web Development Process at SJM

The World Wide Web is a new paradigm, one we all know too well. Over the last several years, we have participated in the evolution of the web, and have designed and developed websites for many businesses - websites that have been critical of their success.

What Characterizes our unique approach to custom web application development is:

  • Unlike traditional media outlets, a website is the persona of the client in the virtual world. Clients may want varied uses from their web personas. We take the time to understand this. We interview our customers thoroughly and truly understand their business model, and their requirements of their website.
  • To Standout among the millions of websites cluttering the internet, websites must be unique. We understand this, and we deliver.
  • Today's awesome websites can become yesterday's news as Web 2.0 evolves. Businesses must incorporate ever-new offerings such as social networking and mobile clients to succeed. We have the expertise to help you keep pace.

Planning Your Next Web Application Project?