About us


SJM Softech Pvt Ltd

SJM Softech Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 2005, with a vision to become a leading global provider of Information Technology (IT) Products & Services. We provide adaptable and flexible business solutions to help its customers develop and achieve their key strategic initiatives and goals, and our core values and operations converge on leveraging customer delight.

Our services are focused at adding value to the efficiency of your enterprise while working within your budget and schedule. We strive to improve the flow and management of your data to strengthen your bottom line. SJM, with a mulish Software development team, strive to earn an industry reputation of delivering high quality service and customer satisfaction combined with a competent Return on Investment model.


Our methodology ensures a very flexible model for software development. We know all too well that no design is ever set in stone – business requirements may change by the minute, details often emerge even through implementation and changes may be required at any step for the product to truly match your unique needs.

The highly skilled personnel at our Offshore Development Center in Delhi, India, have the expertise to navigate through these kinds of flux, and deliver a superior end-product tailored exactly to meet your business requirements.

Our Core Strengths